Friday, June 8, 2012

Imperial Chef

Last Tuesday I went to Emporium Pluit to met up with my girl. I went there with Monic. We got hungry at the time and I was craved for Xiao Long Bao so Imperial Chef was the choosen. Imperial Chef is in the same company with The Duck King but Imperial Chef serve pork. As you know mostly our citizen is Muslim and they don't eat pork. For my Muslim friend if you want to eat Chinese food (the clean one) you can go to The Ducking, Nan Xiang, etc. At that time we order Chinese Tea, Cumi Goreng Cabe Garam, Nasi Hainam, HongKong Kailan Bawang Putih, and Xiao Long Bao while waiting for Vincy.

 Imperial Chef Emporium Mall Pluit

We decided to ate outside the restaurant

 Chinese Tea 
You can refill it and choose the variant. I forgot the variant of the tea. We had Crysant Tea.

 Cumi Goreng Cabai Garam (Chilli Salt Squid)
The squid was chewy and deep fried, but the chilli salt wasn't tasted like it used to. No chilli nor savory.

 HK Kailan Bawang Putih (HK Kailan Garlic)
Kailan was good cook, tasted yummy and oily but its good. For me this vegetable wasn't taste like veggie. Crunchy and yummy

Xiao Long Bao
If you ordered this you could get 4 Xiao Long Bao. The tasted just ok, not bad. You should eat this with ginger and black vinegar. For me the best was the black vinegar. Im a fan of it.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sari Laut Jala-Jala

Tomorrow me with Devina, Frans and Sisca went to Taman Anggrek to bought something and asked to fixing Devina's BB. After took some windowshoping, we decided to have dinner at Eaton. But suddenly Devina wanted to eat Dinsum at Jala-Jala ( as I know, in Medan Jala-Jala also known as Nelayan). We ordered Bubur Phitan, Keladi Isi Special, Lumpia Udang Kulit Tahu, Hakaou Udang, Siomay Kepiting and Tart Tart Portugis.

Sari Laut Jala-Jala

 The Ambience at the restaurant. The decorated is full of purple colors.

 The food diplay

 Another menu(s)

 Chinese Tea
You can refill this tea and asking for another cup.

 Siomay Kepiting and Hakaou Udang (Crab Dumpling and Shrimp Hakaou)
Siomay Kepiting is good but the Hakaou isnt good. Because the filling tasted undercooked.

 Keladi Isi Special and Lumpia Udang Kulit Tahu (Fried Taro Special and Shrimp Bean Curd Spring Roll) 
Keladi Isi Special consist of mix talas and chicken. Lumpia Udang was great for me (nomnom)
 Bubur Phitan (Phitan Porridge)
Bubur Phitan is my favourite and this one is great. The tasted nyummy and tasty with large portion for me. Because I was sharing with my friends.

Tart Tart Portugis
This tart tart also known Egg tart. I dont like the this because when I ate this its tatse like durian. or might be using durian essence. Because the restaurant came from Medan. and you know Medan durian is famaous.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

An hours ago me, Yuanita and Rena went to Central Park to bought doughnuts. My sister in law asked me to buy Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Spiderman Edition. They have 2 Spiderman doughnuts filling with Strawberry and Chocolate Mint. It made to celebrate and hail The Amazing Spiderman movie. You can buy it 8 piece from 12 piece in a dozen.  They said Spideman Doughnuts is limited, so if you want to buy a dozen u can separate it into a half dozen. And you pay it for 12 piece, cause they term is you buy a dozen but u pay for 9 piece (3 doughnuts is for free).

 Spideman Doughnuts

 with Strawberry Filling

with Chocolate Mint