Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Golden Egg Tart

Do you remeber Lisboa ? One of the past snack that i loved. Lisboa was Portugese Egg Tart that sells in some famous supermarket like Ranch Market Pesanggrahan (now Food Hall). One stall that I remebered. Today my friend brought Golden Egg Tart from yesterday, then she bought 3 for share with us. She bought 2 flavor. One was the orginal (Portugese Eeg Tart) and the other was Traditional Egg Tart. I've tried all of them, but the good one was Portugese one bring back the old memories for me. 

  Portugese Egg Tart
 The texture was soft with chrunchy on the verge. You should eat it when it warm or keep it on the freezer to keep it fresh and warming on the oven.

(from left) Portugese Egg Tart and Traditional Egg Tart
The traditional egg tart most like common egg tart in Indonesia. Same texture and quite soft than in Indonesia one.

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Inez Fransisca said...

Really golden egg tart make you cannot stop eating them hahahha