Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sushi Tei

Today I was visiting Central Park (yeap, all over again) to bought something with my collage friends (Sisca and Zahra). Before we bought it we ate first at Sushi Tei. Been a long time I never eat here. Finally I eat it again (hip hip horay). We ordered Tenzaru Udon, Crispy Cheese Roll, Chuka Wakame, Tamago Sushi, Vegetable Salad, Tamago Maki, and Mille Crepes and also Cold Ocha. I forgot to take the picture Tamago Maki, its looks like Tamago Sushi, if the Tamago Sushi, tamago is in the top but tamago maki is inside the rise. The most wanted food in Sushi Tei for me is Fried Salmon Skin but today it was sold out.

The ambience from our table. 
We took the back side from the restaurant. Looks like we hiding from something, if you really know where we sat.

Ocha (refill and for free; available in Hot and Cold)

 Vegetable Salad 
My friends Sisca, she loved salad. I am not a fan of salad and this one too, the dressing taste like onion mix with something. Little bit weird taste for me.

Chuka Wakame
As I know wakame taste almost same in every Sushi restaurant, does it ? Taste like green chewy jelly with green color if you eat it to much.

 Tenzaru Udon
Cold Udon with sauce (the taste like Soyu Souce but more sweet) and Tempura (2 ebi tempura, paprika and 3-4 slice carrot). Nothing special with this food actually, but this one is ok. If you want to eat Tenzaru Udon I suggest you to try Kiyadon. They Tenzaru is tastier than this one.

Crispy Cheese Roll
The filling are crab stick, cucumber, chruncy, and cheese also tobiko. Taste funny for me. Why funny ? It's taste sweet but at the end you taste salt from the cheese.

 Tamago Sushi

Mille Crepes
Since last year I was in loved with this one. The soft crepes, sweet melted sugar with ocha powder and matcha garnish together in your mouth (mouth watering). It's taste delicious, sweet and soft. Nom Nom


Inez Fransisca said...

Mulii itu ramen dinginnya enak ya, seumur2 ke sushi tei ga pernah loh gw beli itu hahahah. Dan mille crepenya cantik bangettt

Inez Fransisca said...

Muliii, seumur2 gw ga pernah loh cobain udon yg kayak gitu. enak ya? hahah trs mille crepenya kayaknya menarik plus cantik banget

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ColorsFood said...

enak nez. gw doyan sih .. cobain aja ada udon, soba sama apa gt klo gag salah inget. eheheh. iaa mille crepes nya enak manis manis greentea gt.